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Retaining Walls

Century Wall Collection

Old world charm rises to new heights

Century Wall offers the distinctive appearance and character of random-pattern, vintage natural stone wall with the structural integrity and performance of modern materials. Random and rugged, yet blended with color and character, these high-strength concrete modules evoke Old World charm while employing the latest built-in technology with the Keystone pin-assured connection.

Century Wall's natural earthen hues
are ideal for garden areas.

Century Wall works in perfect harmony
with any exterior decor.
The Belgard Wall modules are manufactured according to the most advanced production techniques available and offers sophisticated technical features such as the unique, patented Anchor Pin System, which provides greater stability.

Shapes and Styles


8 x 12 x (7, 11, 18)


4 x 11 x 18

Half wall

4 x 12 x (7, 11, 18)

Corner jumper

8 x 12 x 16


Planet ILA Landscaping Industry Certified JINLA Angie's List NARI