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Design Services

Since 1989, we have been beautifying homes and businesses across Central Indiana. The cornerstones of our success continue to be in providing quality installations of creative design solutions and first class service. We provide professional design, installation, and maintenance of all phases of the exterior environment including plantings, concrete paver and natural stone patios, segmented retaining walls, steps, walkways, driveways, pool decking, decks, pergolas, turf and landscape irrigation, landscape lighting, and water features.

Our landscape design / build team is experienced in a variety of different landscape applications. Our design team is comprised of 3 landscape designers from diverse backgrounds of project experience and education. From paver driveways and patios to natural stone walkways and steps, our hardscaping crews are known for their attention to detail and product knowledge. Our planting crews are experienced in installing enduring plantscapes, as we have developed a renowned technique of soils and mulch formulation tailored specifically to the needs of native plants. Our focus on prescribed horticultural practices shows in the longevity of our planting design and installation. Our project experience in water features and structural elements, such as decks and pergolas, allows our team to handle the multi-dimensional project.

We provide free design consultations for viable project requests. Our team can compose estimates on site for simple landscape projects. We provide a varying level of design services for the more challenging and time consuming projects.

Greenleaf Landscaping and Lawn Care Inc. was founded on the main principle of quality service. In over 25 years in business in the Indianapolis area, we have found through extensive project experience that a positive project outcome starts with a well-designed landscape plan. This landscape plan takes time and professional staff to develop, and usually involves a significant amount of investment on the part of the client and Greenleaf. Our design process is comprehensive and detailed, and usually includes multiple site visits, digital photography or video, various sketches and drawings, proper product representation, and a series of client/designer meetings.

As a result, Greenleaf has developed a series of design levels to accommodate our client base, with various levels of design to accomplish projects ranging in size and scope. Please read through the following descriptions to determine which level of design you think you may require for your landscape project:

LEVEL 1 - MicroDesign - $200

  • Small patio, planting area, or landscape lighting plan
  • Simple, line drawing format, limited detail and simplified wording
  • Accompanying design packet with estimates / product details


LEVEL 2 - Expanded Design - $200 to $500

  • Mid to large sized patio or deck with plantings, lighting or master plan of 1/4 acre lot or smaller
  • Includes multiple design features such as patio or deck, irrigation, landscape lighting, water feature, perimeter planting plan, etc.
  • Accompanying design packet with estimates / product details

LEVEL 3 - Master Planning - $500 and above (priced per project)

  • Multi dimensional plan including a variety of landscape applications on a 1/4 acre or larger sized lot
  • Includes 3D renderings, color renderings, detail drawings further explaining project parameters
  • Includes complete perimeter planting plan
  • Accompanying design packet with estimates / product details


Download our questionairre for a more detailed description of our design services here.

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